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Being Weird Can Make You Successful

March 27, 2014

Social Media

Salesforce CMO explains his rationale for why the new normal is to be weird!

“Weird in my mind is being yourself,” Mike Lazerow, Salesforce CMO.

He explains that it’s okay to march to your own beat and it is possible to do so and become successful!


Discover The State of Social Marketing 2014

March 20, 2014

Social Media

SocialBakers, a preferred Facebook marketing developer, presented some interesting statistics regarding business and social media. They interviewed marketers in Education (13%), E-commerce (9%), Software (9%), Travel (9%), Nonprofit (9%), and Retail. They also approached the Davids (less than 50 employees) and the Goliaths (over 5,000 employees) to participate in the survey. Here’s some of their findings! The overall results may surprise you!

If you agree with the 56.6 percent of businesses surveyed, you may want to check out TSYS Merchant Insights, a tool that not only offers competitive analysis, but also you will understand, compare and compete in social media!

Is social media a priority for your business?

Whether you are large or small, the answer should be yes! Check out who handles the social media activity, according to SocialBakers.

Where does your social media marketing strategy stand? Tell us if you handle the social media to promote your business and how it's working out on twitter - @tsysmerchant.


Special Visa Data Security Alert

March 12, 2014

Payment Trends

Chewbacca is a relatively new variation of malware (Trojan.Win32.Fsysna.fej) targeting Point of Sale (POS) systems that run on Microsoft Windows. Chewbacca utilizes keylogger and memory scraping/parsing functionality. The malware is privately utilized, meaning that it is not currently distributed through online criminal forums and therefore is not known to be widely available. Since approximately October 2013, the malware has been linked to several dozen merchant compromises.

Please review the alert.


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